Will the Horizon Forbidden West Be the Hottest PSP Game?

Play With No Limits: PlayStation 5. The new PS5 platform unleashes fresh gaming possibilities you never thought possible. Experience incredible lightning fast loading with a solid ultra-fast SSD, deeper performance with superior support for various media, lightning-fast gaming experiences, and even new high-definition game titles. Lightning Speed harness the full potential of a powerful custom CPU, powerful graphics processor, and powerful SSD with integrated I/O which rewrite the rule of what a PlayStation game can do. Stunning Experience new PS5 features and groundbreaking gaming visuals.

High-Resolution Gaming: Bringing the countdown to the new consoles, Sony has once again created another landmark title, the highly acclaimed PS5. Bringing the best of the industry to your home, the PlayStation 5 features built in High Definition (HD) display, a sharp crisp display resolution of 1080 x 1920. This brings the vivid lifelike image to your games like Horizon Wedding, Killzone, God of War, Final Fantasy X, Dance Revolution, Metal Gear Solid, and countless others. The next generation of consoles allows users to experience games like never before.

Enhanced Video Processing Power: The power of the latest PlayStation has been enhanced with the launch of the PlayStation 5, with its all new High-Bandwidth Memory Compression (HBC). The PS5’s developers had worked very hard in achieving this result, delivering incredible game play with remarkable visuals at a smooth frame rate, better visual effects, striking audio, a wealth of user profile options, user friendliness, and much more. With the introduction of the new processor architecture in the PS5, developers have a very strong foundation on which to build upon with the upcoming games. With the launch of the new console, the sales figures have nearly tripled in the US.

Enhanced Video Processing Power: In the battle between the new-generation consoles the PlayStation 5 wins by a mile. The new processor allows the PlayStation 5 to process information at twice the speed of its predecessors. Users are able to download more content, run multiple programs at the same time, edit and combine their files at will, as well as enjoy higher quality graphics. Other notable enhancements of the PS5 include its memory capacity, superior connectivity, motion detection technology, high definition video output and sound, support for the Xbox dashboard, a camera feature that allows you to take high quality photographs and videos, support for Bluetooth technology, an improved user interface, faster system boot up, faster game play, enhanced audio, a new video decoding engine, an enhanced camera feature, a new text engine, a built-in internet browser, an improved game interface, parental controls, sports features, an increased memory size, a built-in Blu-ray reader, increased stability, improved battery life, faster game play, and a number of other features. For users who do not want to wait for the new releases of their favorite games, Sony has pre-installed all of the top games, movies, TV shows, music albums, etc.

Updating the PlayStation Software: The battle between the new generation consoles and their older rivals have come to a head. There has been a lot of discussion regarding whether the new PSP games like Killzone and Batman: Dark Tomorrow would easily take over the market by spiking sales of the older PS3 games like God of War and Killzone. But there is no doubt that even though these two games are highly touted and hyped, they are still lesser players than the popular PSP games like Killzone and God of War. To keep up with the competition, Sony has kept the updating of the PlayStation software on the cell phone versions of the PSP on the side. So, you don’t have to go out in search of a new PSP every week.

Will the Horizon Forbidden West be the best selling PSP game? This is something that many people will have to judge on their own based on their own preferences. If you are someone who likes a good story, then maybe this game is not for you. But if you are the type who wants to experience a new adventure with your PSP, then there is really no better choice than the Horizon Forbidden West for your next-gen PSP game.

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