What Is Dualshock 4?

The Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) has been designed with gamers in mind, with an intensive custom design making it the ultimate mobile game console. Experience lightning-fast loading of your favorite PSOne Classics, with a high definition capable high speed SSD – superb dual-core SPU which allows for incredible speed even in the face of load delays – superb haptic feedback with support for active display – user friendly game interface with gesture controls and easy menu navigation, and more. What’s more, the PSP runs at up to 80% less power than the average mobile device so you can fully enjoy your games without worrying about draining your phone’s battery!

But the powerful hardware does not only make games easier to use on the PSP; it also makes them much more visually stunning. At first glance, the graphics of the PSP are comparable to those of high-end mobile phones, though when you hold them in your hand they feel and sound different to traditional consoles. Games available on the PSP use a true next-gen graphics engine which is able to create realistic and striking graphics which feature the most accurate colour rendering possible. And the PSP games are also running at a full 8 frames per second, allowing for smooth and brilliant gameplay.

The next step up from the PSP’s stellar dualshock feature is the third-party wireless connection option referred to as MMS. This feature takes advantage of the superior video streaming abilities of the new Sony PlayStation Portable to allow you to view text messages, email, and even instant messengers while playing your favourite ps5 games. The technology is fully compatible with the Sony PlayStation Portable itself and is designed to be used wirelessly – no need for a USB connect or anything else.

One of the most unique features of the Sony Play Station Portable is DualSense, a feature which allows the console to sense where you are in relation to other players in the room. Simply, by looking at your hands and determining if you are holding something or not (such as a pen), the game will instantly recognize this and display a translucent green indicator in the centre of the screen which states that you are holding an item. For example, if you are sitting in the front left of the screen, the green light will appear to indicate that you are holding something, such as a pen, a notepad or even a book. This innovative feature uses the same technology which powers Nintendo’s popular motion sensing technology found in many of their current consoles and handhelds. The great thing about DualSense is that it is extremely responsive, so that you don’t actually need to move your fingers to trigger the feature – although it can be activated by simply looking at the screen.

Sony’s latest portable console, the PS5, is currently only available in the UK for now, but it is predicted that this will soon change. As well as allowing you to play single player games, the PSP has a very useful media centre that allows you to listen to your favourite music, watch TV, record TV and also access the internet on the go. All the power and fun of playing PSP games on the go without having to leave your seat. DualSense is similar to the technology found in Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, except that instead of using touch screens, the PS5 uses infrared sensors to detect movements. The result is that when your finger moves onto the screen, the sensor quickly recognizes this as an action and a digital signal is emitted, detailing the exact position and motion of your finger on the screen. The amount of sensitivity is fantastic and helps to make sure that you never accidentally hit anything with the DualSense system – a common problem with modern console consoles where players end up hitting buttons because they are unable to react fast enough.

The most exciting element of the DualShock range is the fact that the infrared sensor is also able to identify when other players are in the game. When this information is fed into the Dualshock software, the console can then determine whether the player is in the game and whether they are playing legitimately or not. If this information is recognised, the software will halt play and present the player with a message informing them that their character has been removed from the game for breaking the rules. This means that in the case of the infamous ‘cheat’ codes, Dualshock has taken a big step forward in making gaming safer for everyone.

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