Is The PlayStation 5 the Next-Gen Console?

Experience lightning-fast processing power with a powerful, ultra-thin, high-density SSD – enhanced by the new Toshiba MP3 Duo series – with extreme game possibilities and support for haptic technology – adaptive triggers for active game play and realistic PlayStation game feedback. With a sound system that is pure digital, you get better than ever from your entertainment system. The new THX cinema certified THX surround sound feature delivers true, full-range sound. It comes with two powerful THX movie modes – Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Movie Recorder (Movies). If you want to watch or record live events, then there’s the new double HDMI with S-video and USB ports that allow you to connect the unit to your TV.

Enjoy faster load times with the new controller based on the revolutionary Blu-ray technology from Toshiba. With an accurate representation of the real gaming experience, it is like having a second screen. With a precise, optimized user interface, the CPU, graphics processor and hard drive have been optimized for speed. The dual analog sticks are designed to work with the latest gaming technologies.

The new PSP also features a powerful and flexible Blu-ray player that is capable of playing original Blu-ray titles at up to 1080p resolutions at up to 60 frames per second. It also offers support for High-Resolution Digital Video Compression (HDCP) for guaranteed smooth streaming of movies and games. The introduction of a new networking system called PSP Connect ensures that you remain connected to friends even when you are on the move. The improved battery life promises long gaming sessions and uninterrupted use. The PSP will be available in stores starting this fall. a high end video game console that is geared towards the gaming industry. For those who enjoy the high tech graphics of consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One, the addition of a multimedia network such as Blu-ray will make your gaming experience all the more enjoyable. It will enable you to play your favorite video games on high definition televisions at home and on the road. The added memory and additional hard drive will allow you to store more than one gaming session so you can play at your leisure.

A new rumor is that the Nintendo Wii could have anywhere from eight to ten million units sold by the end of its first year on the market. This would make it the most profitable game console ever. However, there is no confirmation on this and Nintendo of America president has denied the rumors on multiple occasions. There is no clear leader when it comes to the prediction of how many units the PS5 will have sold during its lifetime, but one thing is for certain, the PlayStation 5 will have a bigger impact on the industry when it is released.

When the rumors and the predictions begin to swirl around about the upcoming launch of the next-generation consoles, you can be sure that Sony’s PS5 will be a topic of conversation. However, you won’t see any articles detailing the potential of the PlayStation 5 selling out, because the numbers aren’t in the consumer reports or gamer polls. There is plenty of buzz about the new console, but there is no evidence pointing towards the consumer reports predicting the sales numbers for either the PS5 or the Xbox One.

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