Different Kinds of Journalism

News is an unpublished account of human action, which seeks mainly to inform, interest, or entertain the readers. The first prerequisite of news is a writing never has been published previously. It ought to come straight to the public’s attention for the first time. In other words, news should be a product of reader reaction to events. In order to come into contact with public opinion, news agencies prepare a questionnaire concerning various questions about their news stories or topics.

Some newspapers also distribute newspapers to different parts of the country or abroad for the convenience of its reader. News consists of unique and important information brought out by a journalist concerning human activity. A news story is disseminated to the public by a journalist to be submitted to different news sources. The news organizations or news desks of different news sources receive the news from newspapers or other media sources. The news organizations then publish the news in newspapers or on newswires or on websites and online media.

The different media sources would make available different kinds of news. A wire service distributes reports that are arranged according to timings chosen by the wire services editor. The news organizations would then make it public by publishing these reports.

The television news, unlike other forms of news media, makes use of different forms of media. Television news shows can be viewed through a television or on a TV set, while newspapers are distributed through newspapers being read by people. There is a third form of news media that publishes short-term information like photographs or other graphics in the form of pictures and news stories through websites. The fourth form of news media is the Internet where news stories or photos are posted by users on websites.

In order to be in line with the demands of the consuming public, newspapers and other news sources publish periodic news. The kind of news that they publish depends on their subscriptions or market research. The demand for news may also change due to events in the society or in the world. For example, news regarding natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and storms would surely make front pages of different newspapers and newswires. Similarly, news regarding marriages, deaths, birth, etc.

As mentioned earlier, there are four different types of journalism that we come across today. These four types of Journalism include dailiness, broadsheets, wire and broadband journalism. Each type of journalism has its own advantages and disadvantages. News is one of the most vital aspect of Journalism.

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